KICKASS Small Bar Necklace
KICKASS Small Bar Necklace

KICKASS Small Bar Necklace

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I am a Kickass Human!
Kickass Human: an unapologetic person who lives life to the fullest and is following their purpose. You are a part of the Kickass Humans Club and even on the days you don't feel like you're kicking ass & taking names, you wear this to remind you that you've still got this.
  • bar measures 1/2" wide
  • tiny block font
  • hand stamped inscription
  • sterling silver or 14K gold fill
  • 18" chain is drawn across the back of the bar
  • packaged on quote card shown
  • on charm: kickass

Custom handcrafted by Becoming, a woman-owned jewelry shop in Kennebunk, ME for Melanie Spring, a woman-owned storytelling agency.